Here at The Events Designers, our wedding season is well and truly underway. We’ve been travelling all across the U.K helping our clients create the most perfect wedding weekends. We’ve hosted a very beautiful secret elopement in Paris, a wedding marquee in Surrey followed by countryside weddings in Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. To top it off, we have many more weddings to follow in the U.K as well as a beautiful Tuscany wedding and a big celebratory engagement party in London over the next 2-months. This time of year is incredibly busy for wedding suppliers and we take our hats off to each and every one working weekend after weekend, and in this glorious sunshine too – something us Brits aren’t used to.

      One of the benefits of working with a Wedding Planner is the step-by-step partnership built over many months (sometimes years) throughout the wedding planning process. Our couples learn to trust us and lean on us for the best wedding planning advice.

      At The Events Designers, we are armed with wedding planning tips and tricks to host the best wedding day ever after years working within the wedding industry. So, today we are sharing some simple yet very important wedding day tips!

      A wedding day is one of the most important, memorable and exciting day of your lives. A wedding day is a celebration of eternal love and marks the beginning of the rest of your lives, together. As a couple, you spend a considerable amount of time planning your dream wedding day so we hope these wedding day tips will help create the most magical day.


      The final weeks leading up to the wedding day can be very stressful and often lead to numerous sleepless nights. Sleep, one of the most important factors the night before the big day. Schedule an early night with no interruptions, rest and relax!


      So many brides and grooms forget the simple things such as eating.  Please, please, please eat something in the morning! Try eat a healthy breakfast full of protein for an energy boost and a breakfast that will set you up for the perfect day. The last thing you want is to feel bloated and tired. It is so important to stay hydrated throughout the day too! Have bottles of waters in all key places and keep a bottle near you at all times. Create water stations for guests throughout the whole wedding day including: at your wedding ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, wedding reception and even your after-party, if this is your thing!

      NEW SHOES 

      An oh-so important wedding day tip. Ensure your wedding shoes are comfortable and if necessary break them in. Trust us you do not want to feel uncomfortable during your first dance or  worse still have to take your shoes off! This wedding tip goes for the grooms too.


      A really simple wedding day tip, allocate enough time to get dressed! This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 35 minutes depending on the style and complexity of your dress design. Ask your bridesmaids, mum, or whoever will help you into your dress on your wedding morning to attend your final dress fitting and learn how best to place you inside your wedding dress. Most Bridal Boutiques are happy to chat through the best way – remember they are here to help!


      Another really useful wedding day tip is to create a space just for all your items, wedding dress, bridal shoes, wedding stationery suite, perfume, jewels and any other items. Ensure your Wedding Planner, Photographer and Videographer know where this space is so they can create some beautiful flatlays of all your wedding day items. You’ll receive the most beautifully styled photos to cherish forever.


      One of our favourite elements, the wedding day timelines and schedules (a whole blog post coming on this soon!). A wedding day timeline is step-by-step document highlighting all key information relating to your wedding day (emergency contact numbers, supplier requirements, guest list, seating plan and the all-important timings). Ensure these have been distributed to your venue, all suppliers, and key members of your wedding party. If required, print a few copies off or ask your wedding party to save on their phones so everyone can keep track of timings! Obviously, if you are working with a Wedding Planner this is not required as your day will be impeccably managed.


      We get it, we know it’s hard to hand things over especially if you are anything like us, control freaks. But now really is the time to delegate. Try delegate key wedding day tasks to trusted members of your wedding party. Bridesmaids are amazing at gathering everyone for wedding photographs, Mums are wonderful at chatting to all family members, use your Ushers to help with any transportation elements and ensuring guests are where they need to be at all times! Ask people in in advance if they are happy to help on your wedding day and work towards people’s strengths. Put someone else in control and just relax knowing everything is taken care of.


      Allocate one key member of your wedding party to help manage this element, ideally someone who knows both families! Try get as orgainsed as possible with guest management, get the next shot of guests ready and work in advance. Group photography can take a significant amount of time and quite often goes over schedule. The quicker this is completed, the quicker you can be mingling with your guests and having fun.


      We always try to encourage our couples to write a little love letter to each other and open these on the morning of your wedding day – yes, we are hopeless romantics. Include some of our favourite memories together as a couple, what you are most looking forward to on the wedding day, honeymoon and the rest of your lives together.


      Please make a list of any family and friends you want to make a special point of thanking. Time will disappear and next thing you know you’ll be waking up questioning if you both thanked someone. Especially thank any family members who have contributed to your wedding or honeymoon budget. A small token of appreciate can go a long way and a nice surprise for any special guests.


      Here at The Events Designers we always allocate between 15 and 20 minutes alone time for our couples, away from guests, the photographers and videographers. We find the best time to allocate is between your welcome drinks and wedding breakfast. Trust us, you will appreciate this time just to reflect on your wedding day, raise a toast as newlyweds and just have a few minutes alone.

      ENJOY IT!

      Our last wedding tip is to make sure you enjoy your wedding day! Eat, drink, dance and have fun. You’ve spent months leading up to this moment, spent a considerable amount of money and worked very hard, so now it’s time to enjoy every moment and have the best day!

      We hope these wedding day tips will help and we wish you the most amazing wedding day ahead. We offer a wide range of services including our Wedding Management service also known as ‘On-The-Day Coordination’. This service is best for couples who are happy to plan their wedding but perhaps want an experienced Wedding Planner to help manage the actual wedding day. Please come and say hello if you are interested in learning more.

      With Love,



      Wedding Venue: Moor Park ● Bridal Shoes: Harriet Wilde ● Bridal Dress: Pronovias by Mirror Mirror Couture ● Wedding Stationery: Oh Wonder Calligraphy ● Bridal Prep Candle: Wick & Tallow ● Second Bridal Dress: Berta by The Wedding Club ● All Wedding Photography: Nkima Photography


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