Hi, Hi friends and lovely readers. Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! It really is a wonderful time full of celebrations, bubbles and undoubtedly lots of pinning on Pinterest. Enjoy this time because it won’t last very long and you’ll soon be walking down that aisle. Welcome to the world of weddings! You’ll soon be attending delicious tastings, sipping on lots of fine wines and conducting a lot of wedding admin, aka Wedmin.

      Whilst the wedding planning process is enjoyable, fun, exciting, it’s also a very daunting process. You may start to feel confused very quickly, unsure what steps to tackle first, or feeling the emotional roller-coaster? Luckily, you don’t have to take on all the responsibility alone. Whether you are overwhelmed by the number of decisions you need to make, do not have the time due to work and life commitments, or simply want to hire a professional to guide you through the wedding planning process, then hiring a Wedding Planner can help make the wedding planning process more efficient, exciting and most importantly enjoyable.

      You may be complementing if you need a Wedding Planner, or asking yourself what are the main benefits of hiring a Wedding Planner, as well as a million other questions… Well this post aims to answer just those questions, here are our Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner.


      There’s no doubt about it planning a wedding can be very stressful. In the U.K planning a wedding is voted the 7th most stressful life event, wow! Everyone presumes the wedding planning process full of romance, fun, creativity, and whilst it is all of these things, it is also very stressful.

      Wedding Planners are professionals at dealing with stress. From a wedding supplier’s perspective, working with a Wedding Planner instead of directly with the bride and groom can help to keep things stress-free and streamlined – especially on the big day! Hiring a professional Wedding Planner can really help to reduce those all-important stress levels whilst making your wedding planning process as enjoyable as possible.


      Details, details, details… Wedding Planners love details! Wedding Planners look at proposals, quotes, legal contracts and we know all the Terms and Conditions to look out for. Which in the long run can save you a significant amount of time and money.


      Moving nicely onto our next point, time constraints. Preparing for your wedding is a huge time commitment. At the start of your wedding planning journey discuss how much time you have available. UK Wedding Planners on average spend between 200 – 250 hours per wedding, yes up to 250 hours, equating to a Full-Time role.

      Hiring a Wedding Planner can allow you to hand over time-consuming responsibilities to a professional. Your Wedding Planner can source suppliers, schedule appointments, work through timelines and various to-do lists, manage invitations and RSVPs and deal with any problems that may arise.

      There is a lot of wedding admin, also known as Webmin, plenty of details to deal with, meddling with family and friends and sourcing wedding suppliers that quite frankly you don’t know anything about.


      Whilst Wedding Planners do not aim to save you money, we sure know how to get the best value for money! Not only do we manage your budget throughout the whole process we will crunch numbers to ensure you get the best value for money. Set your budget at the beginning of your wedding planning journey and stick to this budget as much as possible. If you are not working with a Wedding Planner, we would highly recommend adding a 10% contingency plan for any last-minute amendments or things you didn’t think about when setting your budget. Whilst Wedding Planners will remind you of any upcoming payment dates, you will be expected to pay your supplier directly.


      One of the main traits of a Wedding Planner is our first-class communication skills and ability to build great relationships quickly. Natural networkers who over the years have built some incredible relationships within the industry. All Wedding Planners have a long list of recommended suppliers, of whom most importantly we trust! We know the best of the best.

      Wedding Planners are also amazing people ‘people’ and only match suppliers whom we know you will love, get along with and form a wonderful relationship. Each couple’s love story is different meaning all weddings are different! When working with couples, Wedding Planners will match the best-suited suppliers to individual requirements. So, tap into your Wedding Planners network and secure the best deals possible.


      Wedding Planners know the industry inside out! We know how to manage supplier’s expectations, what needs to be done by when and have the best insights into the industry. Wedding Planners are also amazing problem solvers and can offer advice on problematic situations. When should you send out your Save-The-Dates? How much of our percentage should be spent on our wedding cake? How do I manage my interfering Mum or Mother-In-Law? Wedding Planners have seen it all and are always on the telephone to offer guidance and support when needed.

      Before you know it, you will be asked to make decisions! Decisions you haven’t even thought about (yet), and there is a lot to be made. Decisions that need to be made effectively and efficiently.


      Yes, we admit it, here at The Events Designers we are insanely organised. To-do lists, project management software, diaries, notepads beaming with ideas are overflowing on our desks. Wedding Planners love to-do lists, timed schedules and ticking off every single detail – it’s part of our nature. We can assure you, from an organisation perspective, you are in the best hands with a Wedding Planner.


      As leading UK Wedding Planners and Wedding Stylists in the UK, we regular predict the latest wedding trends. Wedding Planners can match different colour swatches have such great attention to detail ensuring your wedding day is truly beautiful. Most couples spend hours upon hours researching designs on Instagram, Pinterest and wedding magazines for new, inspiring inspiration. Hiring a Wedding Planner can make your wedding truly unique and original.

      Your Wedding Planner or Wedding Stylist will create and design beautiful mood boards following a consultation. If you are unsure about an idea, colour, style, let them know and make any changes sooner than later. It is very important you develop this level of communication and most importantly trust.

      Remember that trends come and go! We truly believe that ‘style is timeless’.

      “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”, Audrey Hepburn


      Wedding Planners will understand you as a couple, you as individuals, your wedding dreams and visions and will communicate this vision to all suppliers. It is very important on your wedding day that all suppliers are working towards the same vision.


      Wedding Planners spend hours upon hours and planning your dream wedding day and would not miss it for the world. On your wedding morning, you’ll feel great knowing that everything is and will run smoothly, all logistics are coordinated and your wedding looks like everything you had imagined and more.

      Unfortunately, many issues can arise on the actual wedding day. From Ushers being late, lost guests, unexpected elements at the venue to just name a few. Wedding Planners will deal with any problems on the day and you won’t need to worry about anything apart from enjoying your wonderful wedding day with loved ones. In fact, at The Events Designers, in the past our couples have had no idea of some of the issues that have happened – they would never know otherwise.

      Well, we hope this blog post has helped answer some of those all-important questions. We would love to answer any further questions you may have, please do leave us a comment. If you feel you need the support, guidance and style a Wedding Planner and Wedding Stylist can offer, to help you design, plan and style your dream wedding then please take a look at our wedding planning services.

      Good luck and best wishes for your wedding planning.

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